Can I be released after I am booked at the police station?

Generally, subject to local practices and other limitations, when booking is complete you will be brought to court and a bond will be set.

If the court is closed, the police will contact a magistrate to determine if you can be released. Many Texas courts and counties have set bond schedules, which determine the bail that should be set based on the offense for which you are charged and your prior criminal history.

Depending on your record and your history of not appearing in court, a magistrate may set a bail amount that must be paid before you can be released or may hold you without bond until your first appearance in court. In some cases, a magistrate can release you without bail (on personal recognizance).

If you are released from police custody you will be given paperwork outlining the charges, and you must be in court at the time indicated on the release order.

If you are not released by the magistrate, or cannot post the required bail, you will be held in jail until the next session of court. You will be escorted to court by a uniformed law officer on the appropriate date.